Sirius-biotech to offer mAb BC-1 specific for the angiogenesis

By : December 14, 2009

FNs are the product of a single gene localized on chromosome 2, but different isoforms arise from the alternative splicing of the pre-mRNA in three sites called IIICS (type III connecting sequence), EDA (a complete type III repeat, extra domain A) and EDB (a complete type III repeat, extra domain B) .

Human glioblastoma stained with the mAb BC1 (a) and zoomed (c). In (b), normal brain stained with the mAb BC-1

Human glioblastoma stained with the mAb BC1 (a). A zoom view is shown in (c). In (b), normal brain stained with the mAb BC-1 is shown

For EDA and EDB exon usage or skipping leads to inclusion or exclusion of these type III repeats. In cultured transformed cells and in malignancies, the splicing pattern of FN pre-mRNA is altered, leading to an increased expression of FN isoforms containing the domains regulated by alternative splicing.
In particular, the ED-B containing fibronectin isoform (B-FN), which, with some very rare exceptions, is undetectable in normal adult tissues, exhibits a much greater expression in fetal and tumor tissues, as well as during wound healing. Furthermore, B-FN is accumulated around neovasculature during angiogenic processes  and thereby provides one of the best marker for angiogenesis.


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