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By : August 26, 2016

C6: Monoclonal antibody specific for a fibronectin epitope situated at the interface between the oncofoetal extra-domain B and the repeat III8.        


By : October 16, 2015

SPECIAL OFFER FROM SIRIUS-BIOTECH Valid until: December 31th, 2015 Antibodies to B-Fibronectin, a marker of angiogenesis. B-FN is accumulated around neovasculature during angiogenic processes  and thereby provides one of the best marker for angiogenesis and it is a component of the ECM of the niche of stem cells. Monoclonal antibodies BC-1 and C6: 1mg 600 […]

Special offer of monoclonal antibody OC-20 or IST-9: 2 mg for 600 Euro!!

By : May 26, 2015

Special offer for the novel mAb OC-20 to human and mouse periostin or for the anti-ED-A fibronectin mAb IST-9 : 2 mg 600 Euro!!! OC-20 The epitope recognized by the mAb OC-20 reacts with a novel cell binding site on the periostin molecule. In vivo OC-20 is able to inhibit tumor growth (Orecchia et al. Identification of a novel […]

Discovered and localized a novel fibronectin tumor associated epitope

By : February 25, 2010

This epitope is recognized by the mAb C6 that, in addition to providing a new reagent for angiogenesis targeting, represents a new tool for the study of the potential biological functions of fibronectin.

Sirius-biotech to offer mAb BC-1 specific for the angiogenesis

By : December 14, 2009

Sirius-biotech to offer the mAb BC-1 specific for the angiogenesis, associated B-FN as well as a large panel of antibodies for different epitopes of human fibronectin

IST antibodies acquired

By : November 11, 2009

SIRIUS-biotech defined a contract with the National Institute for Cancer Research (IST), located in Genoa, for the commercialization of a large panel of murine monoclonal antibodies to human tenascin and fibronectin.

Company launched

By : September 1, 2009

Cell biology scientist with a 20 years expertise, Luciano Zardi and Rodolfo Quarto, internationally recognized expert in stem cells, tissue engineering and extracellular matrix of normal and neoplastic tissues, decided to start-up Sirius-biotech, a new biotechnology company bringing professional skills to private and public bodies. The founders launched the business in August, 2009.