Special offer of monoclonal antibody OC-20 or IST-9: 2 mg for 600 Euro!!

By : May 26, 2015

Special offer for the novel mAb OC-20 to human and mouse periostin or for the anti-ED-A fibronectin mAb IST-9 : 2 mg 600 Euro!!!


The epitope recognized by the mAb OC-20 reacts with a novel cell binding site on the periostin molecule. In vivo OC-20 is able to inhibit tumor growth (Orecchia et al. Identification of a novel cell binding site of periostin involved in tumor growth. Eur J. Cancer 47;2221-9,2011).


IST-9 mAb reacts with sections from both frozen and paraformaldehyde-fixed tissues.
IST-9 reacts with the C’-C’ loop of  ED-A preventing ED-A binding with integrins alpha5-beta1, alpha4-beta1 and alpha9-beta1. IST-9 inhibits fibroblasts differentiation into myo-fibroblasts and TGF-beta activation, thus inhibiting fibrosis (see under the Antibodies section).
More recently it has been demonstrated that the ED-A FN is selectively induced during lymphocytes TH1 differentiation and is constitutively expressed by highly polarized TH1 cells (Sandig H. et al. J Allergy Clin Immunol 124:528-35, 2009).
IST-9 was generated in the laboratory of one of the Sirius-Biotech srl founders.

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