Custom recombinant proteins: from gene synthesis to protein purification and characterization

Sirius-biotech offers a full range of manufacturing services including:

  • gene synthesis, cloning, expression in different prokariotic and eukariotic host cells
  • pilot expression and optimization of purification process,
  • protein characterization including analysis of immunological and  biological activities.
  • preclinical studies

Polyvalent polyspecific recombinant proteins and antibodies

Using our proprietary technology based on the use of uteroglobin, we offer custom polyvalent polyspecific recombinant proteins production including antibodies, immunocytokines, receptors etc.. The use of uteroglobin increases solubility and stability of fusion proteins.
We offer a full range of manufacturing services including gene synthesis, cloning, pilot expression and optimization of purification process, analysis of immunological and biological activities as well as preclinical studies.

Tetravalent dual-specific antibody

Tetravalent dual-specific antibody

Tetravalent immuno-cytokine

Tetravalent immuno-cytokine

Ref. Ventura E. et al. “Use of uteroglobin for the engineering of polyvalent, polyspecific fusion proteins”, J Biol Chem, 284:26; 246-54.

Purified tenascins-c and fibronectins from different sources

Sirius-biotech offers preparations human tenascin-c and fibronectin purified from different sources, including plasma and normal or malignantly transformed cells as well as different recombinant fragments of both proteins.

Fibronectin (FN) is a modular glycoprotein present in plasma in a soluble form and in the extracellular matrix as insoluble form. FN is involved in many cellular processes, including tissue repair, embryogenesis, blood clotting, and cell migration/adhesion.

Tenascin-C (TN-C) is a disulfide-bonded hexamer composed of subunits with molecular weights in the range of 220-300kD, depending on the expression of different isoforms. The subunits contain EGF-ike and FN-like repeats. TN-C is abundant in the extracellular matrix of developing vertrebrate embryos and it reappears during healing wounds and in the stroma of many tumours.

Purified fibronectins

Sirius-biotech offers the following purified fibronectins.









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Thermolysin human plasma fibronectin fragments

Sirius-biotech offers the following thermolysin human plasma fibronectin fragments.

 Thermolysin fragments of fibronectin from cultured human melanoma cells and SV40 transformed human fibroblasts are also available upon request.