Products & Services

Here you have an overview of Sirius-biotech product and services. Please contact us for specific needs not listed here.


  • Custom recombinant proteins: from gene synthesis to protein purification and characterization.
  • Polyvalent polyspecific recombinant proteins and antibodies.
  • Purified tenascins and fibronectins from different sources.


  • Custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production
  • Monoclonal antibody characterization
  • Immunohistochemistry service on frozen human tissues
  • A large panel of antibodies to tenascin and fibronectin

Tissues Engineering

  • Ectopic tissue formation assays in small animal models
  • In vivo Imaging of cancer and normal stem cells

Pre-clinical Research

  • Design and management of preclinical studies
  • In vivo assays related to toxicity, therapeutic efficacy, biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and side effects of recombinant proteins