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Uteroglobin procedure published

By : September 20, 2009

SIRIUS-biotech personnel collaborated in the publication of the uteroglobin procedure for the generation of polyvalent polyspecific fusion proteins (patent pending). For further references, please consult: Ref. Ventura E. et al. “Use of uteroglobin for the engineering of polyvalent, polyspecific fusion proteins”, 2009, J Biol Chem, 284:26646-26654.

Company launched

By : September 1, 2009

Cell biology scientist with a 20 years expertise, Luciano Zardi and Rodolfo Quarto, internationally recognized expert in stem cells, tissue engineering and extracellular matrix of normal and neoplastic tissues, decided to start-up Sirius-biotech, a new biotechnology company bringing professional skills to private and public bodies. The founders launched the business in August, 2009.